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“Yes the stars! The stars are our friends. When a cat leaves forever... they go and join Starclan and a special star is added to the sky just for them.” -Beeflight telling his new kits about the stars

Physical Description[]

A small munchkin cat with very soft, round neat fur that he never lets get messy. It is average length but really puffs up around his chest and tail. He is a cream tom with lighter paws, underbelly and faint lighter tabby markings on his face focusing on his light dusty brown eyes. His ears are small and rounded upwards and behind his right ear he has a flawless raven feather. He has small almost dainty paws and a large tail that looks a bit silly on his small form. After he became leader of Thunderclan a faint dusting of white almost star looking freckles appeared on his face, the back of his neck and around the base of his tail.


Beestar usually is quite calm overall, being a very kind and sweet tom, often trying to see the brightest side of cats no matter what they do. He believes that no matter how cruel or rude a cat is, it never is without reason. He is always willing to lend an ear to anyone who just needs to talk and let everything out. Easily frightened and intimidated, he often lets cats push him around in fear of making them upset. Sometimes, if he really thinks what a cat is doing is wrong he will try to argue, but in the end, he is a doormat and a pushover. He has a strong obsession with perfection, often seeing himself as under-qualified or imperfect because of his OCD. Beestar is a very emotional tom, easily driven to tears at the slightest remark. Adding onto this, he tends to dwell heavily on what cats say to or about him. Beestar is in no sense of the word, smart. He is a naïve idiot through and through, often confused by simple statements no matter how hard he tries. His brain struggles to work quickly under pressure or whenever he is nervous. Beestar tends to use a very childish way of speaking and sometimes acts as if he never grew up much from being a kit. A lot of his mental development failed to happen as a child due to his parent's deaths. Therefore, his childish personality never truly left him. Luckily though, he holds a photographic memory and strong senses letting him easily notice things others may not. But, due to his inability to keep eye contact, he tends to miss many emotions displayed by others. Beestar is prone to panic attacks and suffers from strong anxiety, especially when speaking to others. He is very fearful of public speaking, high places, death, and sickness. Despite his social anxiety, he is a extrovert and easily feels lonely when left alone. He loves talking to other cats especially friends and family. He cares deeply for anyone close to him and wishes to have a large family one day. If it weren't for his deputy position then Beestar would happily take the place of his mate Beechberry and stay in the nursery watching all the kits. Seemingly holding a sixth sense for knowing when something is watching him is both a blessing and a curse for poor Beestar. He has gained some strong scopophobia over the moons, often causing him to freeze up and making his mind draw a blank out of fear when being stared at.

Skills and Weaknesses[]

Beestar has a photographic memory which allows him to remember everything he sees and hears to perfection. Both a blessing and a curse, this allows him to accurately recount exact phrases and makes it very difficult for him to get lost. But because of this ability, if he hears anything negative about himself his brain will repeat the phrase to perfection until something takes his mind off of it. He is very observant, though it is partially negated by his inability to look at cats; it does help with noticing tiny details others may not have. Beestar is quick to catch on to patterns, so despite his lack of training, he can sometimes hold his own in a battle when the target repeats their movements. Though over everything Beestar isn't smart in the slightest. He takes longer to understand simple instructions and often needs a bit of help understanding things. Beestar lacks a lot of natural skill, so he usually needs to work a bit harder than others to achieve the same goals. Adding to that was the fact that he never had a single battle training session as an apprentice and only had a few hunting practices. His short legs may give him a cute look but other than that, they are completely negative. He lacks range when hunting and fighting and is quite slow while running, along with becoming tired faster than others. Beestar is easily immobilized by his fears which prevents him from climbing, speaking over others, fighting, standing at high places and even talking at all in some cases. He is very resistant against getting sick, but when he does it hits him really hard. A simple illness can put him out of commission for moons.



Was born into Thunderclan to Burnstripe and Creekwillow with his older sister Havenkit and younger sister Fallowkit. On his first trip outside of the Nursery with Fallowkit and Burnstripe she decided to tell the two kits about her kittypet heritage. Beekit and Fallowkit didn't know what kittypets were and when she explained they were "Cats with Twolegs" they both freaked out a bit. Not having any good way to explain to her kits what a twoleg is Burnstripe (Best MomTM) decided to take the 1 moon old kits outside to a twoleg place to show them instead. After being attacked by a twoleg him and his sister were pretty traumatized and the family was forced to camp for the night in Shadowclan territory. After a sleepless night for Beekit the family returned to Thunderclan territory and quickly found by Creekwillow. Muddied and exhausted they all made it back to Thunderclan camp safely.

A few days after their return Beekit met the new kit Emberkit and they bonded quickly being the only male cats close to each other’s age. Beekit started showing Emberkit around the camp since for once he knew something that another cat didn’t.

Beekit had found the perfect raven feather from the freshkill pile as it had no flaws being the perfect size and shape. He was confronted by Burnstripe and he said that he wanted to keep the feather with him forever but couldn't hold it without dropping it every time he opened his mouth. Burnstripe was quick to find a solution by placing the feather behind her son’s ear and Beekit fell in love with the look. Soon after they played a game of Mossball which Beekit won and then a game of Hunter which ended in Burnstripe tripping and messing her fur up with dust. Saddened by his mother’s messy look he collected three yellow flowers from his Perfection Collection behind the elders den and placed them behind her ear to make her pretty once more. After this Burnstripe and Lightpaw left to go on a walk but Lightpaw returned without his mother. Beekit was confused at the sudden bad mood of the cats around him but waited patiently for his mother's return. When he tried to show off his feather to Duskfall she snapped at him yelling about how he'll "Never see Burnstripe again!". Beekit didn't understand and the warrior was getting more and more frustrated with the kit. Once she finally got it through his thick skull that Burnstripe was killed by a twoleg fox trap Beekit was sent into shock.

Beekit padded out of the nursery is a search for something to do when he met Warrenhollow. They didn't bother much on introductions. Warrenhollow offered to teach Beekit how to hunt like a real warrior... this happened to use Warrenhollow's tail as the prey. Beekit struggled to figure out the correct way to pounce and on the first few tries he overshot or undershot until he eventually managed to catch Warrenhollow's tail. The warrior praised him greatly saying that he would grow up to be a great warrior which made Beekit extremely happy.

Beekit spent days mourning for his mother with a few cats trying to comfort him. It all was in vain when it was revealed that Creekwillow had died only a moon later from an untreated illness. He was once again sent spiraling into a state of sadness. Due to his parents death him and his siblings were adopted by Ashfall and Leafshine. Beekit was comforted by Ashfall and they grew fairly close.

Cranepaw's fight -continue-

Beekit was searching through the freshkill pile picking out all the birds and searching them for flawless feathers. Upon being approached by Smokekit who asked what he was doing Beekit explained and made Smokekit quite confused. Smokekit left leaving Beekit with the impression he thought that he was weird.

Beekit awoke from a nap inside of the nursery to an odd sound outside of the den. Carefully going to investigate Beekit found Ambersong collapsed just outside of the den entrance suffering from a heart attack. In a panic the young kit screamed and called out to the clan until Featherbreeze came to the rescue. She fetched some Chamomile and fed it to Ambersong before attempting to comfort Beekit.

Cranepaw forgiveness -continue-

Ashfall chat -continue-


Beekit was given the name Beepaw on day he turned six moons alongside his sisters. His mentor became Warrenhollow. The first thing they did was go out to explore the territory right after his ceremony. Warrenhollow decided to take him to a tree to teach him climbing for fun but Beepaw almost fell only being caught by his mentor and pulled up to the top. Beepaw was terrified of the trip up so the trip down would be so much worse. After a bit of convincing Warrenhollow carried Beepaw back down the tree as he was to scared to do it himself. After recovering from his scare they decided hunting was the better option. Warrenhollow taught Beepaw the hunting crouch and how to stalk prey so when Beepaw caught a whiff of prey he decided Beepaw should try to catch it himself. Once he spotted the prey to be a huge rabbit his attempts to catch it failed as he missed only managing to get a small scratch on it's flank. Saddened by his missed catch Warrenhollow suggests he tries tracking the rabbit for a second chance. Warrenhollow was right to do so as they found the rabbit once more and Beepaw was given a second chance at the prey. It didn't go to well at first as his paws slipped on the leaves when he pounced causing him to fall flat instead of spring. Luckily the rabbit ran towards where Warrenhollow had positioned himself just for this occasion and scared it back towards Beepaw. Beepaw took the rabbit head on managing to kill it after a moment of struggling. He was extremely proud of his catch not seeming to realize neither how messy it was or how much help he was given. They both walked back to camp with Beepaw leading the way with his rabbit and having a pleasant conversation with his mentor.

Beechkit -continue-

Beepaw awoke in his new nest in the apprentice den with Fallowpaw by his side. They talked for a bit about how weird it was to sleep in the new den and new nests before the topic switched to their currently absent sister Havenpaw. They talked about how distant she had become to them and the fear arose that she had replaced them with new friends. Determined to prove themselves to Havenpaw they decided to train so they could attack and drive out the badges that had made their home in Thunderclan territory. They traveled to the Training grounds where Fallowpaw taught Beepaw the only attack she had learned from her mentor Swallowwing. How to cling onto the enemies back dealing damage to them without hurting yourself.

Greencough -continue-

Visited by Burnstripe/Cranewing -continue-

Visited by Ashfall -continue-

Visited by Rabbitfoot -continue-

Visited by Fallowpaw/Havenpaw -continue-

Talk with Maplepaw -continue-

Leaving the den with Ambersong -continue-

Beechpaw -continue-

Beepaw was resting outside of the medicine cat den enjoying watching the red and orange leaves fall from the trees when he was approached by a very energetic cream kit. Most of what she said held a lisp or kittish trouble with words making it almost impossible for Beepaw to understand her. Very curious about the kit he asked her name and she told him to guess. Beepaw guessed many names but none of them where correct. After a few guesses he finally guessed her name as Daykit. After that he told her to guess his name and after a few tries she guessed correctly.

Turtlewillow -continue-

Daykit again -continue-

While still being bound to camp due to his weakness Beepaw managed to trick the warrior Thornfrost to take him hunting. They traveled to the Hunting grounds where Beepaw scented a crow and pointed it out to Thornfrost. The warrior instructed Beepaw to circle around so if he missed the bird might fly her way. Good idea since when Beepaw pounced the leaffall leaves slipped under his paws causing him to face plant instead. The crow alarmed by the clumsy apprentice flew away towards Thornfrost. The bird had flown pretty high at this point when Thornfrost leaped into the sky almost as if she was flying. She snagged the crow's wings and dragged down her catch from the sky. Beepaw was amazed by her ability to jump so high and begged her to teach him. She instructed him to focus on a pinecone that hung in a tree not to far up. Beepaw's jump was a lot more like a bunny hop as he barely left the ground. Thornfrost found the apprentice annoying and decided she needed to leave to train her actual apprentice Squirrelpaw.

Squirrelpaw/Havenpaw chat -continue-

Beepaw was in a rush being excited to be allowed outside camp once more when he tripped over a resting Cloveheart's broken leg. Hiding her pain Cloveheart greeted Beepaw enthusiastically and humored the apprentices for awhile before he ran off again.

Chasing Havenpaw -continue-

Breakdown w/ Leafshine -continue-

Breakdown w/ Beechpaw -continue-

Adult Life[]

Beepaw was named Beeflight alone at the age of 13 moons and was noticed for his virtues of patience and dedication. Neither of his sisters had returned yet, Beechpaw was out searching for Havenpaw and Turtlewillow didn't even come. Beeflight felt the loneliest he had felt in so long as his dream ceremony had once again been crushed. He was slightly happier up as cats cheered his new name but it didn’t stop the sinking feeling of being alone.

Smokepaw's squad returns -continue-

Fight w/ Smokepaw -continue-

Havenpaw returns -continue-

Lilacpaw at the border -continue-

Training w/ Smokepaw -continue-

Sunrise with Rosehaze -continue-

Chat w/ Featherpaw -continue-

Rant w/ Willowpaw -continue-

Chat with Daykit -continue-

Beechpaw returns/confesses -continue-

Havenwhisper's ceremony -continue-

Chat w/ Havenwhisper -continue-

Chat w/ Sunstar -continue-

Chat w/ Nightlight -continue-

Chat w/ Burnstripe -continue-

Flower crown from Beechpaw -continue-

First snow -continue-

Leafbare starts -continue-

Beeflight was watching the snow happily when he noticed his friend Turtlewillow. They chatted for a bit before Turtlewillow piled up a small amount of snow and explained to Beeflight a twoleg thing called a "Snowman". She told him about how they were made and Beeflight rolled together a small snowball. Turtlewillow laughed saying that would do better that the "derpy snowman" she had created. Then as if putting on a play she announced she had a valiant quest for Beeflight. Acting along Beeflight questioned her on what this great quest might be. Turtlewillow told him to destroy the derpy snowman and return peace to this earth. Beeflight accepted the quest and slammed his paws down on the sad pile of snow a few times destroying the snowman. They both laughed and settled down laying in the snow for awhile and chatting.

Chat w/ Featherpaw -continue-

Chat w/ Ambersong -continue-

Beeflight found by Sparkjump, Turtlewillow, Beechpaw, Rosehaze and Fallowpaw -continue-

Fallowspark's ceremony -continue-

Beeflight was sitting outside of the warrior's den when he was approached by Fallowspark. Assuming that she wanted something Beeflight asked her what she needed. Fallowspark got upset about his assumption and left feeling annoyed she couldn't just have a conversation with her brother.

Chat w/ Frostpoppy -continue-

Joining a clan meeting he originally expected simply to be the new apprentices Simy's apprentice ceremony he watched as Leafshine was given Simy as her apprentice with his new name Marshpaw. Beeflight was confused at first when Sunstar continued the meeting and announced he would be choosing the new deputy now even though it had been an entire moons since Brighttuft's death. Starting it with warnings about disagreement over his choice, Sunstar surprised everyone by choosing Beeflight himself as deputy of Thunderclan. Beeflight didn't know how to react since he was only 17 moons and hadn't even had his first apprentice yet. Panicked and confused he called out that there must be some mistake but was drowned out by the calls of praise from Leafshine and Beechpaw. Sunstar announced that since Beeflight did not have an apprentice he would be given one of Nightlight's kits to mentor next moon. Until that time Leafshine would fill in for him. Beeflight calmed a bit from the initial panic but his nervousness didn't subside much. He received lots of praise for his new position but most came from Leafshine, Beechpaw and Furdash. Leafshine made sure he understood that even after she stepped down for him Beeflight could always ask her for help. Beechpaw was so happy he had gotten the position and announced her help as well. Furdash tried to settle his nerves and it kinda worked. While talking to these cats he saw Starlingcry and Darksparrow's disappointment and anger that they didn't become deputy instead.

Havenwhisper showed great excitement for Beeflight's deputy position and convinced him to go hunting with her. -continue-

He had a nice chat with Leafshine about his paws. They were taking time to recover from the frostbite and she worried about the feeling never returning. Promising her it was nothing to worry about the two decided to go hunting. Beeflight learned that digging at the ground near burrows has a chance to scare the prey out and they managed to catch some mice before Beeflight caught sent of a squirrel. They followed it until it was accidentally scared up a tree. Much to Beeflight's dismay and protest Leafshine was determined to catch this squirrel and followed it up the tree. To his relief it escaped to a different tree and she returned to the ground. Settling with just the mice in the leafbare weather they returned to camp.

Beeflight managed to catch Darksparrow one day as he was about to head out on a solo patrol. Having just returned from his own hunting patrol Beeflight decided to try and talk to the dark furred warrior about his deputy-ship. Darksparrow snapped at the younger warrior when Beeflight tried to talk to him. He was clearly very upset but Beeflight refused to back down following the older warrior out of camp and begging him to tell him something he could do to make things better. Darksparrow was extremely tempted to attack Beeflight but stopped himself. He asked him about any large animals that could cause harm to his clanmates. Remembering all the attacks during his younger days Beeflight responded with a list mostly comprised of foxes and badgers. Darksparrow decided those were too simple and well known so he decided on a hawk. He gave Beeflight the scenario of a hawk coming into camp and taking a kit and the cream tom responded by explaining simply grabbing the hawk so it can't fly away very well. Darksparrow told Beeflight to try it on him but after a failed attempted, Darksparrow showed him how it was done. In an unfortunate turn of events, Sunstar walking into Darksparrow with his jaws firmly clamped around Beeflight's neck. Assuming the worst Sunstar got angry until Beeflight tried to defend the older warrior. Sunstar explained to him that a deputy doesn't need to be the best warrior. He just needed to be the best at his job at second in command.

After his confrontation with Darksparrow, Beeflight was still determined to try and make it up to all the cats that were upset. He found Starlingcry in a tree and asked her about her thoughts. She explained that she was indeed upset but she understood it wasn't really her choice nor was it his fault. Though she did blame Sunstar for giving the young warrior a position as deputy she didn't take it out of Beeflight or express this option. Relieved that she was okay with it Beeflight thanked her and continued on his way.

Due to his shy and nervous nature around other cats Beeflight had never been to a gathering before. Leafshine stayed with him for his first one. He stayed beside Leafshine the entire time often hiding behind her when he grew to overwhelmed by the cats. She pointed out Mosslight, Emberheart and Ivybranch as the others clan's deputies as well as Sedgestar, Lakestar and Badgerstar as the leaders.

Fallowspark overworking -continue-

Beechberry ceremony -continue-

Pinepaw apprenticeship -continue-


Beechberry pregnant -continue-

Darksparrow death -continue-

Sunstar stole -continue-

Flowerpetal talk -continue-


Bad gathering -continue-


Beeflight was with Sunstar in his final moments. Watching the leader slowly get crushed by the tree fallen from the Thunderstorm raging around them. The deputy was useless in any attempts to save the leader but opted rather to try and comfort him. This was believed to be Sunstar's fourth life but rather it was his last. That night Beeflight went to starfalls to recieve his nine lives while the storm still brewed.

The life of *Patience* from Smokestorm: Greetings Beeflight. It’s been a while. Welcome to your nine lives ceremony. I’ll give you your first life. With this life, I give you patience. Be patient with your clanmates and those out of your clan as well. Treat them kindly, though I don’t think that will be a challenge for you. Just remember to stay calm, sometimes patience can help you see through the darkness. Thanks for being there for me. Could you tell my kits I love them and I’m so proud of them, and the same to Peonypath?

The life of *Strength* from Starlingcry: Beeflight. For your second life, I give you the life of strength. Use it to protect your clan and your family. You are stronger than you believe. I'm proud of you.

The life of *Perserverance* from Smokewisp: Beeflight, here you are! You've made it, You made it. With this life, I give you perseverance. Not power, but the ability to withstand. I give you your third life to endure through violent hurricanes and peaceful drizzles.

The life of *Anger* from Brighttuft: Hey, kiddo. Guess you're not a kid anymore. Almost as old as I was, huh? Congratulations. With this life I give you anger. As a leader you'll need fire, passion- the courage to stand up for yourself. The fury to protect your clanmates in battle, or the strength to remain steadfast against those that would seek to rile you up. You, are going to be up against a lot. Don't be afraid to fight for what you love.

The life of *Wisdom* from Pinerush: Hi, it looks like your gonna be leader now. It feels like yesterday when you were made deputy and I was made a apprentice...I've done things since then I'm not so proud of.....For your fifth life I give you wisdom, think hard before you act.

The life of *Love* from Duskfall: Beeflight, Im sure you remember me from when you were a kit. I'm sorry for all the pain and grief I gave you, but I am here to now give you a life. For your sixth life I give you love, always remember to care for those you love and treat for them with respect. I was always proud of you, now I give you my love for you and your mother. I'm proud of you little one

The life of *Spirit* from Cloveheart: With this life, I give you spirit. Stay full of energy and lead your clanmates to follow that example. Use it well to bring your clan hope and joy, even in the darkest of times. Never lose hope, and never give up. You're a good cat, Beeflight. Remember that your clanmates believe in you.

The life of *Trust* from Ivybranch: It’s good to see you again, Beeflight. You’ll make a brilliant leader, I’m sure of it.With this life, I give you the life of trust. Believe in those around you and let yourself rely on those around you when you need it most. You are cared for and loved. Be a great and good leader, Beeflight, I wish you the best.

The life of *Acceptance* from Sunstar: With this life, I give you acceptance. Acceptance is how we move in life, how we interact with others. Accept others, accept your limits, accept your position, accept your fate, and most importantly, accept yourself- we all make mistakes. While it's important to learn from them, it's also important to understand that we cannot change what we did, only what we will do. Let go of the past- don't blame yourself for anything that's happened around you. Look at what you've done, and strive to do better; accept your strength, Beeflight. Accept what you could be. What you are now. It's okay, Beestar. You can forget.

After the ceremony was completed Beestar awoke to find the morning had brought a bright and sunny day. A pitch black starling feather trapped beneath his paws that seemed to have been broken in half by the storm. He took it with him when returning to camp ready to announce his choise of deputy.

Friends and Family[]

Burnstripe(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Queen, Mother

Creekwillow(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Father

Havenwhisper(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Queen, Sister

Fallowspark(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Sister

Goldstripe(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Adoptive Sister (Burn/Creek)

Maplepaw(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Adoptive Sister (Burn/Creek)

Ashfall(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Adoptive Father

Leafshine(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Adoptive Mother

Feathermist(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Adoptive Sister (Leaf/Ash)

Emberpaw(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Apprentice, Adoptive Brother and Friend (Leaf/Ash)

Sageleaf(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Adoptive Sister (Leaf/Ash)

Berrypaw(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Apprentice, Adoptive Sister (Leaf/Ash)

Squirrelshadow(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Havenwhisper's mate

Honeypaw(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Apprentice, Niece (Haven/Squirrel)

Duskpaw(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Apprentice, Nephew (Haven/Squirrel)

Tinypaw(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Apprentice, Nephew (Haven/Squirrel)

Smokestorm(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Former Medicine Cat, Nephew (Fallow/Duck/Rabbit)

Craneleg(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Nephew (Fallow/Duck/Rabbit)

Briarpad- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Niece (Fallow/Duck/Rabbit)

Havenpaw(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Apprentice, Niece (Fallow/Duck/Rabbit)

Beechberry- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Mate

Barrenmeadow(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Daughter

Borealgale(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Son

Baysoul(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Former Medicine Cat Apprentice, Son

Breezepaw(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Apprentice, Son

Burrowdark- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Son

Brownfreckle- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Daughter

Blotcloud- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Son

Bubblecatcher- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Son

Brookleaf- Thunderclan, nonbinary, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Child

Bellflare- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Daughter

Burnetkit- Thunderclan, tom, Kit, Son

Blastkit- Thunderclan, she-cat, Kit, Daughter

Blisterkit- Thunderclan, she-cat, Kit, Daughter

Bristlekit- Thunderclan, tom, Kit, Son

Turtlewillow(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Friend

Rosehaze(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Friend

Willowbriar(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Apprentice, Friend

Rabbitfoot- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Friend

Starlingcry(dead)- Thunderclan, she-cat, Warrior, Friend

Hickoryfrost(dead)- Riverclan, she-cat, Deputy, Friend

Rooktalon(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Friend

Ravenheart(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Friend

Ivybranch(dead)- Shadowclan, nonbinary, Deputy, Friend

Brokenrose- Shadowclan, she-cat, Warrior, Friend

Swiftgaze- Shadowclan, she-cat, Warrior, Friend

Warrenhollow(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Former mentor

Pinerush(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Warrior, Former apprentice

Spiderpaw(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Apprentice, Former apprentice

Sunstar(dead)- Thunderclan, tom, Leader, Predecessor

Notable Quotes[]

"I didn't think anything was out here!" -Beekit on his first time outside the Nursery

"Cats can have only two legs!? I thought they all had four!" -Beekit learning about twolegs

"Now your pretty even with messy fur!" -Beekit to Burnstripe

"Starclan is full of evil evil cats who just want to take cats away!" -Beekit to Ashfall about his parents death

I can talk to you. I love talking to you. But I never talk to anyone else. It’s just... you and my sisters." Beekit to Ashfall about his lack of friends

"Is something wrong with me?" -Beekit to Ashfall

“Why can’t I just be like the others. They can make friends, they can talk to others, they have real parents!” -Beekit to Ashfall

“As long as no one sees... I think I’d prefer being carried.” -Beepaw to Warrenhollow about getting down a tree

“But wouldn’t the prey notice me if I don’t get it fast?” -Beepaw to Warrenhollow

“Tracking it? Like with my nose?” -Beepaw about the rabbit

“I bet Havenpaw and Fallowpaw haven’t caught anything this big!” -Beepaw still about the rabbit

"Starling... a birdie? You must have been a really good hunter to catch a birdie first try." -Beepaw to Warrenhollow about his first catch

"That's a lot of likes" -Beeflight not understanding Beechpaw's love confession

"This must be a mistake! I-I’m probably to young to be deputy... are there rules about that?" -Beeflight after being chosen as deputy at 17 moons

"That doesn’t matter Hickoryfrost. Any cat can go through bad stuff... and no matter who they are or what they do... they deserve someone they can talk to about it... uh... because I know it helps." -Beeflight trying to get Hickoryfrost to share her feelings

"I-I’m sure you’ll be fine. Because no matter what I don’t know about you... Starlingcry is still Starlingcry... and will always be Starlingcry... and Starlingcry is great.” -Beeflight attempting to comfort Starlingcry about her becoming a mother

"Th-Then let me be responsible! I can watch everything for a little bit. And you can go rest for a little bit. If you want then I can tell you every little thing that happens when you're out." -Beeflight trying to convince Sunstar to take a break

"Yes the stars! The stars are our friends. When a cat leaves forever... they go and join Starclan and a special star is added to the sky just for them." -Beeflight telling Breezekit, Burrowkit, Brownkit and Blotkit about the stars


  • Beestar has a strong love for rabbits both visually and as food
  • Beestar has a bad habit of subconsciously seeking out father-like figures (Ex: Sunstar, Ravenheart, Ashfall)
  • Beestar hunts excessively when he feels like he isn't good enough
  • Beestar first time fighting was against a dog with Ravenheart though his first time fighting another cat was the first battle of the Thunderclan and Shadowclan war were he didn't even cause any harm to anyone
  • Beestar's first gathering was at 17 moons old because he was always to nervous to go to one before
  • As a kit Beestar found a small space between the back of the elder's den and the camp wall. There he started storing all the stuff he finds perfect and pretty. He lovingly dubbed it his "Perfection Collection". This collection has now been moved to the leader's den
  • Through a bunch of confusing relationship stuff Beestar is part of the Furstar family tree